Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Creating Hot New Talent blog

HNT(Hot New Talent) the blog is being created to show case talent that never gets the chance to be seen nor heard. We thrive to seek out new talent in North America and in the United Kingdom! The US has no problem show casing and getting young talent heard and seen but some times places like Canada and London England is a little bit harder, if they don't post video's on youtube and get a certain amount of views it will be hard for them to achieve their goals and dreams of becoming an entertainer.

So starting this Spring of 2013 we  will be interviewing artists (rappers, singers, painters, drawers), Designers, Film directors etc getting to know them a little bit more inside and out. Getting to the bottom of how they started, when they started where they seen them selves when they were a child and where they see themselves in 5 years with the skills/talent they possess. We will be traveling Canada and the UK for new talent, searching youtube and twitter for new talent and exposing them to the world. Set up radio interviews and online show interviews for them promote them to have way more views and followers so they can be seen and heard!

We also will be creating documentaries of our travels and other documentaries of talented individuals or groups in the LGBT community with the help of Iris Gill's film productions. 2013 for Hot New Talent and Talented Motivated Ent(TME) is going to be a great productive year so please stay tune and don't miss out on new talent being exposed !

To contact us please email us at : Hotnewtalentblog@gmail.com

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