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Say hello to Yiz Paris

Got down to business with Yiz Paris from Mississauga Ontario, check out what he had to say! To contact Yiz Paris :
twitter: @Soundsofparis
IG: Yannickysber

1.What made you start doing what you do ?

"I developed a love for music at a very young age and being exposed to it so much, one day I just thought maybe I can do this too. So I did and I was good"

2.When did you start doing what you do (D.jing/Rapping/Singing/Producing)
"I mean I started rapping probably around the age of 8 watching BET all the time and rapping along to my favorite jams. As far as writing my own raps and recording I started when I was 16. Me and a couple homies on one USB mic one day after exams. We made our own remix to "New Boyz - You're a jerk" which was a popular song at the time,  and the feedback was awesome. The rest is history from there.

3.When did you start taking your passion for (what ever you do) seriously?

"After writing my first rap song and hearing myself; along with all the positive feedback, I knew from there it was something I wanted to keep doing. I kept writing ever since and free-styling with my homies in the car is what really kept me improving and developing myself. I think it took until I was 18 when I was out of high school that I was like "Ok I got a lot of hot verses on my phone and its time to show dudes that I'm for real. I was taking a year off at the time so I rented equipment and spent hours, days and even months just writing and recording and that's when I took it to the next level."

4.How did you get your stage name(if you have one)

"My current stage name is "Yiz Paris". I actually first started off with the name "Ysber". It was given to me by members of my high school soccer team when a coach had spelled my last name wrong on the sheet of players who made the team. It gave us a good laugh at first but then it just kind of stuck. I didn't mind though, I felt like that's how nicknames should be made just randomly instead of making one up for yourself. Recently, I was approached by a connect I had made through college of someone who wanted to manage me. So we sat down and started chopping it up and we found some common ground. After he was declared my manager there were a few changes he wanted me to make and he thought it would be more beneficial to change my name to something that sounds more "household". Something easy to remember and hard to forget. Like I said the name "Ysber" found me so it was weird thinking of something else to call myself. Still I came up with "Yiz Paris" one day and it sounded good. "Yiz" was a name that people already called me which is the short form of "Ysber" and "Paris" is where I grew up as a kid. I remember a lot of it and i miss it a lot. I think growing up over seas is what made me who I am today, my style, my swagger and my image is just so Paris hahaha."

5.Who is your support team? How have they supported and encourage you?

"My support team first of all is my star player...Me. It took a lot of determination and hard work to push through some of the obstacles I've faced and staying consistent in my music really kept me on track. Other than that I credit my team BBE. They are who I started with and they always knew I had potential from the late nights free-styling in the car or at school or wherever we could play instrumentals. Whenever and wherever I was with them I knew at some point who would end up rapping so it really helped me get better. Now my focus is more on the fans the listeners. Hearing their positive feedback is real encouraging and it pushes me to get better and work harder. As far as I see it the feedback good or bad is what pushes me to keep chasing the dream."

6.Who are your idol's and why?

"Its hard to say who my idols are I mean I do have a lot of people who I admire for different reasons. Just to name a few, Derrick Rose. I was an athlete before I was a musician and basketball or soccer is what I would be doing if I wasn't rapping. Derrick Rose is just a stand up guy. He's a workhorse and he manages to stay humble through all the bullshit and I commend him for that. There's Michael Jackson too the king of pop. Growing up my parents and brothers always had his cds playing and he was really one of the reasons I started loving music. I think he is the greatest musician to have graced this planet to date so he's definitely the man for that. I don't know I mean there are a lot of people I admire for what they do but its hard for me to call them my Idols because I don't know them like that. I feel like to idolize someone is more than just know what they're good it at but what else they do in they're private life and how they do it. You're a man first and an artist second so my idols are really just the people I truly know like my family and friends.

7.Do you see yourself doing this as a career or is it just a hobby?

"Definitely a career. I mean the amount of hours I put in it already its almost like a job already. I don't want to sound like one of those corny guys but honestly the money is whatever. It's just a plus but its not my motivator. I love making music and I'm good at it so I will never stop. I just feel like when everyone see's just how good I truly am the money will come regardless."

8.What type of music genre's do you enjoy listening to on your spare time ?

"On my spare time I mostly listen to Rap, Hip-hop, and R&B. I'm also a fan of EDM though so like house music, electro, dub-step; all those club tunes. When it comes down to it I'm a fan of good music so genre isn't huge for me as long as its good music I'll listen"

9.What type of genre's do you want to collaborate with?

"I've always wanted to collaborate with EDM I've actually rapped over a dub-step song in the past and I plan to do more. Also I wouldn't mind doing rock music. I've always liked that song with Jay-z and Linkin Park called "Numb Encore". That's a big tune and I would definitely be down to do something like that.

10.What are you currently working on ?

"Currently I'm working on my come out party. Me and my manager are strategically planning how I can penetrate the industry. Were just laying down a lot of groundwork. I mean people know I rap now that's a good start but I'm starting from scratch. New name, new target, new improved me, more exposure, better production, and more hype. Project wise I'm working on an Ep, a little teaser before my big mix tape project or street album."

11.What is the name of your upcoming mix tape, what type of style is it going to be?

"The Ep is titled Black & White. I don't know how attached I am to that name but that's what its called so far. I haven't really thought of names for the big mix tape yet, I mean the more I start recording for it and writing songs for it I think a name will come to me"

12.Why did you choose the name/picture for it ? Is there any meaning behind it ?

"I named my Ep Black & White for a few reasons. One being its a reflection of the "new" me and the "old" me. I don't think I've really changed I mean people say I have but I think I've just grown as person. Also its sort of a Ying and Yang thing. I'm a big believer in a higher power and I think the fact that humans have the power to do both good and bad is something we should embrace not reject. And Black & White is just both sides of that, some songs reflect the Black and some the White but it's like who decides which color is which? I address some of that in the Ep.

13.What is your favorite song on your mix tape?

"I mean this is a tough one to ask artists because its like every song has its purpose and you really love them all they're like you're babies. I mean you tell me when the Ep drops but I do have one notable song titled Black & White. Its the first track off the Ep and its titled the same as the Ep for a reason. I sort of wanted to explain the reason for the title and really get on my gritty from the get go and I think I'm going to get a lot of positive feedback from that joint."

14.Describe your self in 5 words!?

"Dedicated. Humble. Passionate. Ambitious. I'm a little crazy too on top of that but the good kind ;)"


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