Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Meet Carerra Holmes Model!

Hot New Talent caught up with a beautiful young model who goes by the name Carerra Holmes asked her a few personal questions to get a better feel of who she is and what she see's herself doing in the future. We hope you enjoy what you read about Carerra!


Email: carerra.holmes@gmail.com for bookings and such!


1.What made you start doing what you do ?

My aunt! She has shown me so many pictures and things of places she had gone just for modeling. Ever since I was really young we would talk on the phone about me modeling.

2.When did you start doing what your doing?

It started when I was about 6

3.When did you start taking your passion for (what ever you do) seriously?

I started to take it more seriously when I got on my own so I'd say when I was 19.

4.How did you get into modeling? What made you love it.

When I was in business school in Pittsburgh I got to know some girls that good me up with some fashion designers and photographers. It felt so good to take pictures and look so good. I was sort of an outcast in high school. Didn't think I could ever try because I didn't feel as if I was pretty enough. Being on stage at a fashion show made me feel like a whole new person. It gave me my confidence that I was really something!

5.Who is your support team? How have they supported and encourage you?

At the time my support team was only my girlfriend. She was there from the beginning. She is still here now! She believes in me more than I do sometimes!

6.Who are your idol's and why?

Naomi Campbell and Tyra banks. Naomi is one if the great super models. She's great at what she does and that's where I am to be. Tyra does it all. She's every models dream best friend/sister . She cares about helping others and being not jus a pretty face but a smart as well

7.Do you see yourself doing this as a career or is it just a hobby?

Not only Is this a hobby for me. It is my passion. I breath this! I would love to do this as a career. That is the only thing I want to do as a career. I am smart though! I do have a back up plan. That's why I went to business school.

8.Do you prefer run way modeling or commercial modeling ?

I prefer runway. I may be short for run way but I have been told I was born in the wrong size body. Also, that I'm a pretty tall 5'4" petite model.

9.Do you want to be just a model or create your own business when your more out there?

I would love to create my own business such as a petite modeling agency, make a perfume line, fashion line, shoe line you name it, I want to do it If it deals with fashion.

10.What are you currently working on ?

I currently signed up with an up coming entertainment agency called social lyte entertainment ! I'm their First Lady! Soon as this gets vital ill b CEO of my department which deals with any thing fashion and anything as far as models. I can do things on my own as well but it's very hard to get out of Pennsylvania.

11.What do you have to work on with yourself to be more successful ?

Convincing top agency's in NYC, LA and Miami to sign a 5'4" petite model!

12.Are you confident or conceited in general not just in front of a camera?

I'm becoming more n more confident with myself, the way I look on camera, and the photographers.

13.Describe your self in 5 words!?

Outgoing, silly, kind-hearted, determined, optimistic.

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