Tuesday, 15 January 2013

W.I.L.D Apparel

W.I.L.D Apparel is a lifestyle clothing and accessory retailer based out of Toronto, Ontario; Canada. Created in 2012 by Leighanne Murray, her goal was to give Toronto a funky lifestyle brand that represented herself and her city exactly as she has grown to know it.

W.I.L.D stands for "willful individuals living dreams" as WILD Apparel believes in everyone attaining all their goals whether it's for the day, the week,  a month or years...

Website: www.wildapparel.ca

Twitter: @ WILD_Apparel

Facebook: WILD Apparel Canada




  1. Hey! I'm a model that will be featured on here as well! If u wana send me some gear ill promote you clothes on all of my sites!

  2. Cool!
    I wanna do another photoshoot soon. Maybe we can link together and work something out.

    my email is wildapparel (at) gmail.com


  3. If you guys have any clothing for men I can definitely promote some of you're gear as well. Especially in music videos and what not I like the name of you're brand. I also have modeling experience. My interview is about to get posted on here so you can let me know if that's something y'all wanna do!