Friday, 18 January 2013

Sepz UK Artist


UK artist doing what he does best rapping and making music, found him off of twitter caught up and asked him some questions about his music life. To Contact Sepz:

Twitter - @Sepzofficial

Facebook - Sepz Artist

Youtube account - Sepz Artist

Soundcloud -

1.What made you start doing what you do ?

1.Through my natural love of rap and mc since a very young age which inspired me to start writing music to express my feeling's to the world.

2.When did you start doing what you do (D.jing/Rapping/Singing/Producing)
2. I started out practising around the age of 14 years old not actually knowing the skills and the mind set required to be a successful rapper.

3.When did you start taking your passion for (what ever you do) seriously?

3. Around 2011 when I finally felt like I had found my feet and understood what I needed to do to start presenting myself in the right way to move forward in the industry.

4.How did you get your stage name(if you have one)

4. I started to get called 'Sepz' in the play ground in primary school for no reason what so ever, the name started to dwell on me so I used it to present myself as a artist.

5.Who is your support team? How have they supported and encourage you?

5. At this present time I do not have a support team, but I have encouraging fans that motivate me to make more and more music each day by sharing all my songs and making me feel appreciated.

6.Who are your idol's and why?

6. I have a few rappers that are my idols such as, K koke, Benny Banks, Low key, English Frank. Because they are all artists that inspire me to make meaningful music and I feel that it has really helped me to kick start my music career.

7.Do you see yourself doing this as a career or is it just a hobby?

7.Yes of course I can see myself doing it as a career, why not? If I get the right support and constructive criticism I am ready to learn by mistakes and take on any challenge thrown at me and look it bravely in the face.

8.What type of music genre's do you enjoy listening to on your spare time ?

8.Anything from Rnb, to smooth rock, and hip-hop/rap.

9.What type of genre's do you want to collaborate with?

9. I would like to collaborate with Rnb, and Hip-hop/Rap.

10.What are you currently working on ?

10. In 2013 I set my self a motive to get visuals done to all my music to expand my audience across the internet and show my face, I hope people can appreciate this.

11.What is the name of your upcoming mix tape, what type of style is it going to be?

11. At the moment I am working on a E.P called "BoothEducationVol1" that I am thinking about changing into a mix tape to promote it more.

12.Why did you choose the name/picture for it ? Is there any meaning behind it ?

12. I chose the name of my E.P/Mix tape 'Booth Education' because I like to think that I educate a few young people on the world and life styles people could take, so I my aim is for my project to educate young audiences.

13.What is your favorite song on your mix tape?

13. A song called "Something Wonderful" featuring 2 other artists.

14.Describe your self in 5 words!?

14. Caring, Talented, Real, Inspiring, & Talented Artist.


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