Thursday, 17 January 2013

Rapper Young Lazy

HNT caught up with a motivated young artist Young Lazy check out what he had to share with us, to contact Young Lazy for any reason please look below!!!


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Twitter: YoungLazySoSTL


1.What made you start doing what you do ? 

I've always had a passion for music, after high school I had reached a point that I wanted to tell my story.

2.When did you start rapping? 

2009 I started rapping prior to that I had been on stage in bands, I just felt rap was my calling.

3.When did you start taking your passion for (what ever you do) seriously?

2010 was the year I actually started getting serious about the music, I saw the possibility of doing what I love for 

a living. I'll forever pursue  progression and success.

4.How did you get your stage name(if you have one) 

Young Lazy actually came to me as a contradiction. I felt if people heard my name first they'd under estimate my 

actual potential.

5.Who is your support team? How have they supported and encourage you?

I have campaign running partners, Rain G is one of my main motivations because her raw talent. Mos Precious 

and Dj Konvict are also members and they push all of our music to the fullest.

6.Who are your idol's and why? 

Starlito is one of my influences, I find it crazy how people suggest rap artist are ignorant people. When Starlito in 

my opinion is one of the most intellectual artist who hasn't broke yet in the industry.

7.Do you see yourself doing this as a career or is it just a hobby?

 I'm very dedicated to making music my career, touring and working late couldn't keep me from reconsidering my 


8.What type of music genre's do you enjoy listening to on your spare time? 

Recently I've been listening to a lot of Young Scooter And Future. They are creating a new style of music, and I'm 


9.What type of genre's do you want to collaborate with? 

I like collaborating with west coast style and southern crunk.

10.What are you currently working on ?

 I'm working on my upcoming project, which is till in the works. I've been putting in sessions late into the night 

trying to perfect this.

11.What is the name of your upcoming mix tape, what type of style is it going to be?

I'm working on my 8th mix tape entitled "The Streetz Selection" this mix tape will be a lot of trap songs, with 

jumping bass.It will release on dat piff within the next two months. No date has been set as of now.

12.Why did you choose the name/picture for it ? Is there any meaning behind it ?

 The background is my city, The Streetz Selection came to me. I had noticed I was doing features all over the 

map, so it was clear enough there that I was "The Streetz Selection"

13.What is your favorite song on your mix tape? 

So far GOOD Morning, but I'm also only four tracks into the project

14.Describe your self in 5 words!? 

Dedicated,Persistent,Motivated,Focused and Ambitious 


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