Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Up coming UK artist Smiiffy artist

You all got to check out this passionate, talented young rapper from Birmingham Uk. He loves to give back to the less fortunate! To contact SmiiffyyArtist:




1.What made you start doing what you do ?
I wanted to help more people by getting them involved in music which can help them develop skills for the future and keep them out of trouble, using real life situations.

2.When did you start doing what you do (D.jing/Rapping/Singing/Producing)
I've been working as a rapper, for 3 years now but I was writing lyrics before then maybe a year or two before.

3.When did you start taking your passion for (what ever you do) seriously?
this year more than ever I have been involved with radio stations, newspapers and also, onto the television

4.How did you get your stage name(if you have one)
My stage name is Smiiffy this came around from my last name.

5.Who is your support team? How have they supported and encourage you?
#TeamSmiiffy this is a group of promoters and organisers with a large fan base supporting me. 

6.Who are your idol's and why?
Professor Green, Chipmunk, Wretch 32 because they all have the skills i wish to possess sometime in the future.

7.Do you see yourself doing this as a career or is it just a hobby?
I see myself doing this as a future career movement.

8.What type of music genre's do you enjoy listening to on your spare time ?
All kinds of music as they inspire to come up with new ideas and arrangements for myself and others.

9.What type of genre's do you want to collaborate with?
I'd like to work with all artists of all genre's possible.

10.What are you currently working on ?
an EP called 'Seeing Isn't Believing' then an album which will be seen in shops and online to sellers called 'Road To Recovery' which all proceeds will go to Cystic Fibrosis & Teenage Cancer Trust unit. Also, Organ Donation Trust. 

11.What is the name of your upcoming mix tape, what type of style is it going to be?
Seeing Isn't Believing I'm aiming to introduce a few different styles as a fan surprise.

12.Why did you choose the name/picture for it ? Is there any meaning behind it ?
seeing isn't actually believing and life isn't how you see it, its what you make it.

13.What is your favorite song on your mix-tape?

14.Describe your self in 5 words!?
Supportive, Trust worthy, Caring,  reliable and hard working.


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